Frequently asked questions

What is the Wheel of Taste?

The Wheel of Taste is the world’s largest transportable Ferris wheel, standing at a height of 70 meters! All 45 gondolas have been transformed into uniquely atmospheric private restaurants.

Initiator and owner Bram Verleg of Foodtastic Events B.V. set out to find a creative and unique way to offer visitors an enjoyable outing during the times of Corona. “Not in width, but in height!” was the idea, and thus the pop-up concept ‘The Wheel of Taste’ was born.

The Wheel of Taste is an initiative of Foodtastic Events B.V.

Chamber of Commerce (Kvk): 76048551

RSIN: 860488846

Blankensteijn 2a
5321 GN Hedel, Netherlands

How many people are allowed in one gondola?

You can have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 people in one gondola, including children and babies.

How long does a ride last?

The duration of a ride depends on the chosen arrangement:

  • Coffee time: ± 30 minutes
  • Breakfast: ± 60 minutes
  • Lunch: ± 60 minutes
  • Borrel time: ± 45 minutes
  • Dinner: ± 90 minutes

Where can I inform about my dietary restrictions and/or allergies?

You can notify us about any allergies and/or dietary restrictions by emailing after making a reservation (please do so at least 30 hours in advance).

We will then pass this information on to the kitchen so they can accommodate your needs. It is important for the kitchen to know whether it is an allergy or intolerance.

Please note that all dishes are prepared in the same space, so there may be traces of certain ingredients. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prepare a dish in a separate area.

After making a reservation, you can send us an email with your name, date, time, and mention of your dietary restrictions and/or allergies.

Can I cancel ?

We understand that your plans may change or that you might suddenly be unable to attend. That’s a pity! Therefore, you can cancel your ticket for the Wheel of Taste free of charge up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit. No reasons needed! Please contact us via email, and we will take care of processing your cancellation or rescheduling.

If you cancel within 48 hours before the booked arrangement, free cancellation or rescheduling is not possible.

We hope you understand that a gondola cannot be easily resold within 48 hours, and preparations and purchases have already been made.

If you have purchased the cancellation insurance when booking your ticket, you can contact after cancellation.

You will receive a full refund if it is not possible to visit the Wheel of Taste due to circumstances as defined in the terms and conditions (including accidents, illness, injury, public transportation disruptions, etc.). Ticket protection costs 9% of the order value and can only be purchased directly when booking your ticket.

Please note that this insurance company may require proof of the reason for cancellation.

I have received my ticket, what's next ?

The ticket will be sent directly to the email address you provided (please check your spam folder if necessary). Always check the ticket immediately for accuracy. If there are any inaccuracies, we can still make adjustments within 24 hours. After 24 hours, changes may not be possible.

I haven't received my ticket, what should I do?

It’s possible that our tickets have ended up in your spam folder, so we kindly ask you to check there. If you haven’t received anything, please call 085-7326380 or email requesting the ticket to be resent.

Is it allowed to bring a dog in a gondola?

Dogs that can fit in a dog carrier are welcome. Unfortunately, larger dogs are not allowed.

I am pregnant; can accommodations be made for this?

If you have made a reservation, you can inform our staff upon arrival and check-in at the Wheel of Taste that you are pregnant.

Our staff will communicate this to the kitchen so that they can take it into consideration.

Is the Wheel of Taste wheelchair accessible?

For inquiries regarding visiting the Wheel of Taste with a wheelchair, please contact guest relations (

Is it possible to make a reservation over the phone?

Reservations can only be made online through our website or on-site at the reception desk of the Wheel of Taste, subject to availability.

What if it rains?

The safety of our guests is our top priority! If the weather does not permit, we will take appropriate action. In case of wind force 7 or thunderstorms, we are obliged to evacuate the Ferris wheel.

What if the Wheel of Taste cancels?

In case of extreme weather conditions, such as severe storms and particularly thunderstorms, we are obliged to evacuate the wheel for your safety. Additionally, we may temporarily suspend new guests from boarding. In the event of a technical malfunction, we may be forced to cancel your ticket. If this happens, our first priority will be to reschedule your reservation for another date.

While we understand that this can be frustrating, we are unable to provide refunds for interrupted rides or consumed food and beverages.

What if I need to use the restroom?

There is a restroom available at the wheel. You can use the restroom when your dish is being served, when drinks are being brought in, or when a new dish is being prepared, among other suitable moments. There are multiple opportunities for you to use the restroom.

Additionally, we provide an emergency contact number that is displayed in the gondola.

Can I request a menu change?

You may be able to request a menu change on-site.

What if I want to disembark prematurely?

We have an emergency contact number available, which is displayed in the gondola. We will do our best to accommodate your request and allow you to disembark as soon as possible. However, please note that it may not be immediate and may require one or two rotations of the wheel.

What does the Wheel of Taste do for sustainability?

  • Guests make their menu choices in advance, allowing our chefs to base their purchases on what is needed and thereby reducing waste.
  • The culinary preparations take place at a production location, which ensures efficient use of transportation and product integration.
  • We collaborate with local businesses at each location.
  • There are several vegetarian options available on the menu.
  • We strive to make use of municipal facilities for water, electricity, and waste management.
  • Guests can have their tickets scanned digitally and do not need to print them.
  • Our menu is only available digitally through a QR code or on the website.
  • We place plants or artificial flowers on the tables in the gondolas.
  • We minimize the use of single-use disposables.
  • The disposables we use are recyclable.
  • There is a dishwashing station available on-site for the tableware.

Am I allowed to bring my own beverages?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. You are required to order a drink from the Smakenrad, and these are not included in the arrangement.

Can I add extra people to my reservation ?

Unfortunately, additional people cannot be booked in advance on an existing reservation. However, you are allowed to bring these additional people to the Smakenrad, and upon arrival and check-in, you can register them and pay for them on-site.

Please keep in mind the maximum number of people (5) per gondola in your party.

Can the gondola be decorated if I have something to celebrate ?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to decorate the gondola in advance. The gondola number is only assigned during the check-in process. However, you are welcome to decorate the gondola upon boarding, as long as you remove the decorations yourselves. Please inform our crew during check-in that you have something to celebrate, and they will do their best to accommodate your request.

For special requests such as marriage proposals or additional items you would like to order, such as a personalized cake, please contact

Can I also come by without entering the Wheel of Taste?

Absolutely! Did you know that we have a wonderfully cozy reception area? There you are always welcome for a drink and a bite, even if you haven’t reserved an arrangement in the Wheel of Taste. Feel free to drop by, take a seat, and enjoy the view of the Wheel of Taste. Ordering can be done using a QR code or with the assistance of one of our staff members.

Are the gondolas heated?

Yes, the gondolas are heated, but unfortunately, the temperature cannot be adjusted individually for each gondola. It is centrally controlled. Additionally, while the gondola doors are closed, there may still be small openings and gaps. Everything is designed to create a unique experience, and we ask for your understanding that you are not seated in a restaurant but in an attraction where food and drinks are served.

We make every effort to ensure maximum comfort for everyone. In addition to cushions for coziness and warmth, we also provide fleece blankets for those who may still feel cold.

Do I share the gondola with other guests ?

Our gondolas are private little restaurants! In other words, when you reserve a gondola, it is exclusively for you and your party (minimum 2 and maximum 5 people)!
There will be no other guests in the gondola you have booked.

Boarding times

Your reserved boarding and disembarkation time may deviate by fifteen minutes from the specified time.

We kindly ask for your understanding in these situations; after all, it is still a Ferris wheel, not tables where one can walk up to.

What if there is a delay in the boarding time ?

We make every effort to ensure that everyone boards on time. However, sometimes there may be delays due to unforeseen circumstances. This could be due to weather conditions or guests using the emergency phone for an emergency.

We kindly ask for your understanding in these situations. Remember, it’s a Ferris wheel, not a table where you can walk directly to. If the waiting time exceeds 30 minutes (calculated from the reserved time), we will discuss a solution with you.